Pom Pom Christmas Wrapping and Gifts


I recently came up with the idea for a video on how I show someone how to make a Pom Pom. I proceeded this idea by about 3 hours of research. Upon finding each step in the “best” way I thought it should be done I started testing. I spent a night making Pom Pom makers and learning how to use a fork to make a small Pom Pom.

Once I felt comfortable with them and thought “hey girrrrrrl that be damn fine pom pom you just made with your bare hands” I decided it was time to.. BUM BUM BUM story board the video. Whilst story boarding I also realized, by the help of a friend, that I should be taking note how long I spend working on this  video. So this is where I did the math on the research and also added in the time to test my findings.

The story board was a no-brainer. I had never made a video like this and I really wanted it to be great. So I started playing with the ideas in my head of how the shots should be filmed. I must note that hardly any of the shots I story boarded were put into the film. It did however give me the chance to think about it which helped later on in the planing. There were also inspired parts that my friend James really helped with. Since I was using my hands a lot I asked James to come on by and help me out. He helped me feel confident to film the shot and then also gave some really great input with a few shots. Thank you James for your help and you fine readers can find him at http://ovipositor.tumblr.com always a fun time!

I must admit even though this video did take more time every step of the way, even my story board, I felt happier with. I’m now down to final edits and finding music, if you know of any good bands who would let me use their stuff I will always give credit where credit is due. Person to Person. I have made some significant growth with this video and I personally believe it shows. I suppose in the end when you create something you’re proud of then you end up being proud of yourself.

This is a new feeling for me. It isn’t just showing in my videos but also in my every day life. I think it may have something to do with me accepting my dream of being a graphic designer. Well creator of any sort really. I’ve been creating more and more because I made it a personal challenge this year. I feel I’ve come a long way in 2014 and the end is even better then last year. I mean hell I tossed a chicken wing into a tiny fryer and sprayed boiling oil everywhere. What better Christmas could I ask for?

Until next time,

Kristy Edgerton