Deciding a College at 17


School. Oh dear lord I want to go back to school. Fucking school with it’s people and teachers.. and teachers oh my god teachers. I think teachers are rad. They spend every day all day teaching idiots like me to fulfill their dreams! How amazing is that? They want to inspire others to do what they do. Well at least at college they do.

This post is for Me.. well to be honest all these posts have been for me. No one reads this shit. I do though. I write what I believe and feel and so it makes it easy to read. Almost enjoyable which is scary since I know it came from me. High Five future me when are you reading this? Sorry, had to do that. I just had to.

I want to write about College. I want to write a lot about College so grab a snack (hopefully one that wont get your keyboard dirty) and start reading.

Once upon a flat, dry, desert land there was a girl. Not just any girl she had bambi eyes. You know those on that are inicent and big. Where you can see your own dreams in them because she is so full of life and hope. Just kidding she was depressed as FUCKKKKKKKKKKKK.

That’s the truth people. Senior year in high school was the tits for me. I had lost the love of my life. FUCK YOU MITCHELL. I tried to revive my social life and then eventually got called a whore and lost the whole group of friends I loved. I was miserable. I would skip class to sleep in the Art room or go outside by the track and stare at the sky. Don’t get me wrong I had a couple friends who were there for me halla Ausia halla Hailee. It didn’t change my state of mind though. I was deeeeeeeepressed. I got the serious mental blues.

This really altered my ability to choose a college not to mention the shitty advice I was getting by nearly every adult in my life. I dropped out of classes I needed just because the school said I didn’t need it to graduate. I had a few free periods and was a TA. My future looked bright. Even the manager at my job , which was Hollywood video may you rest in piece old friend, tell me that he wasn’t making me a manager because I had better potential. Praise those words. They really got me through some dark days.

I graduated though. I made it!

Over and out,


P.S. I am a bitch for leaving at a cliff hanger. Get over it.